BS Atheneeke

Our vision and approach


In the society of both today and tomorrow, it is vital for every person to be able to independently arrive at solutions to posing, often challenging, problems. In GO! BS Atheneeke, we teach our pupils research strategies and learn to critically consult various sources. Encouraging pupils to experiment, dialogue and co-create with others are key competences within our education. Good planning and organisation, thanks to the use of a task board, contribute to success.


GO! BS Atheneeke is a warm, caring school, where every child has a right to a place. In a growing, global society, we continuously face a lot of differences. We consider it our duty as educational professionals to be a model for our pupils and to deal with this great diversity with an open mind by teaching them to understand and respect everyone's individuality at all times. This rule of thumb is embedded in our school agreements.

By participating in professionalisation initiatives such as Circle of Security and Nonviolent Resistance/New Authority, we teach our pupils to set boundaries, respect those of others, express needs and name feelings, so that every child may and can be himself without fear.

Learning pleasure

Gaining knowledge and skills to better understand the world around you is fun and stimulating! By starting from the children's world and by means of a rich and stimulating range of meaningful tasks, we at GO! BS Atheneeke try to make learning concrete and functional for our pupils. Every child is unique and consequently not everyone has the same learning strategy or learning pace. However, children learn best from an expert, in connection with each other and thanks to targeted feedback. Based on the themes offered, we find it important to let our pupils experience maximum success and thus increase their learning spirit and self-confidence.

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